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    Hebei Angyang Pump Co., Ltd., established in 2013, stands as a distinguished entity in the heart of the North China Plain, nestled within the bustling Industrial Zone of Anguo City, Hebei Province. Positioned strategically within the Beijing-Tianjin stone triangle center, our location facilitates convenient access, merely 250 kilometers from Beijing to the north, 240 kilometers from Tianjin to the east, and 110 kilometers from Shijiazhuang to the south, forming an integral part of the economic circle around Beijing-Tianjin and the Bohai Sea. Renowned as a Ministry of Machinery Industry pump production backbone enterprise, we specialize in the meticulous crafting of diverse pumps and accessories, marrying cutting-edge technology with years of expertise to cater to a myriad of industrial needs. As a wholesale slurry pump supplier, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality products tailored to the specific requirements of our valued clients, ensuring efficiency, reliability, and unmatched performance in every solution we offer.

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